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Lava Stones for Essential Oil Diffuser


Lava stones absorb and gently diffuse essential oils, making the stones perfect for scenting your personal space.

The stones are sold in pouches of 2 oz. We recommend a separate set of lava stones for each scent that you diffuse. 

Ideal for those who are looking for low-maintenance, waterless diffusers that don't require a power source.

Instructions for Use:

To use, place the stones in a durable dish (see our personal diffuser sets for the complete package) and dispense a few drops of the essential oil blend over the stones. If this is your first time using the new set of stones, you may need to use a few more drops than directed on the label. 

When you're ready to switch scents, simply put your stones in the pouch they came with to store them, and replace with the new stones for the new scent.

Customer Reviews

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Monique Viscetto
Perfect for the car!

I love to hang these in the car with the four corners oil…makes me happy every time I get in and smell its amazingness! Some oils seem to hold in the lava stones longer than others. I used “winter” last year and the scent lingered for weeks! The four corners seems to dissipate or maybe I get used to it after just the day.

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