Eco-friendly, safe and elegantly simple

Lava stone diffusers make unique, practical gifts for lovers of natural fragrance.

1 // Place stones in the dish

Each dish comes with one set of stones. Take the stones out of the pouch and place them on the dish.

2 // Dispense essential oils over the stones

Start with 2 - 3 drops of a pure essential oil diffuser blend and add more if needed. Enjoy the natural scent as it radiates from the stones. Repeat every couple of hours with the same scent.

3 // Switch stones and scents

Ready for a different scent? Simply switch by putting the first set of stones back in their pouch and placing a fresh set of stones in the dish for your next scent. When you're ready to switch back to your original scent, swap out the stones again.

Save water

Stones don't need water to operate and there's no need to clean!

Save power

There's nothing to plug in, which means the diffuser can travel with you.

Skip the flame

Stones don't need candles, unlike some traditional oil warmers.

Scent naturally

Enjoy diffuser blends made with natural essential oils and extracts.

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“Love the smell of this rosy [Malmaison] perfume. It's nice and bright, but 'mature' at the same time. All the P&S perfumes are fantastic, and long-lasting as well. Great product!”

- Anne Brunelle

“I am in love with the Cuba Libre perfume oil! I love the quality ingredients and appreciate the care given to create such a high end perfume. I highly recommend this small business and these phenomenal products❤️.”

- Gina Miller

“Press & Still's scents are EXQUISITE ... handcrafted, high-quality, made on-site in the workshop in the beautifully designed store. Everything about Press & Still is masterful.”

- Harriett Jastremsky

Limited Edition

Explore our limited edition collection of blends inspired by the high desert. Featuring artisan-distilled big sagebrush, pinyon pine and chaparral.