Press & Still founder and formulator, Elise, with husband and partner, Sean.

Our story is simple. I fell in love with complex, multi-layered essential oils in 1995. They not only provided a delicate shroud of scent; they also comforted me through harrowing times. I became a certified aromatherapist in 1999 and have been honing my craft ever since. I thrive in the studio, working on creative, while my husband and partner, Sean, works on the business side. 

We make gorgeous aromatherapeutic blends lovely enough to be perfumes, and natural essential oil perfumes that double as aromatherapy. Every product is both functional and a joy to use.

There’s a quote by William Morris that speaks to me personally, but also applies to our brand:

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Our products are not revolutionary, but they are beautiful and useful. Aromatherapy and botanical perfumes both elevate your mood and offer an olfactory experience unlike any other. We are so very pleased to share them with you.

- Elise, founder and formulator