Press & Still founder, Elise Wishlow

I grew up in a lush suburb of Vancouver, BC, surrounded by trees, flowers and a family of gardeners. I didn’t inherit the green thumb, but I enjoyed botanical lessons from an early age and found myself drawn to jobs where I could work with plants or plant materials. I propagated roses at a nursery, worked at the Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, and then wound my way to an aromatherapy shop and spa, where I fell in love with and spent years studying essential oils and natural skin care.

In terms of botanical perfumes, I’m a late bloomer. Although I had been a certified aromatherapist since 2000, it took me more than a decade to take the leap into the business of natural perfumery. It had been my passion all that time, but I was compelled to read every book and test every combination of scents, using multiple varietals from multiple suppliers. The result is that our ingredients are some of the very best and the products are well thought out and artfully blended. I’ve stayed true to my aromatherapy roots by using only premium quality essential oils and extracts in plant-based carriers.

There’s a quote by William Morris that speaks to me personally, but also applies to our brand:

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

Our products are not revolutionary, but they are beautiful and useful. Aromatherapy perfumes both elevate your mood and offer an olfactory experience unlike any other. We are so very pleased to share this experience with you.

- Elise, founder and maker