Recover bath soak made with magnesium chloride flakes, comfrey powder and essential oils of eucalyptus, sweet marjoram and vetiver.

Recover Mineral Bath Soak

Detox bath soak made with Dead Sea salt, kelp powder and essential oils of grapefuit, geranium, and juniper berry.

Detox Sea Salt Bath Soak

Boost sea salt bath soak with eucalyptus, fir and cedarwood essential oils.

Boost Sea Salt Bath Soak

Soften bath soak made with sea salt, magnesium flakes and essential oils of mandarin, neroli, jasmine, lavender and sandalwood.

Soften Sea Salt Bath Soak

Four of five types of bathsalts and their testers displayed on a fir shelf.
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Bath Soaks: Set of 5

$60.00 $67.00
PIpe Smoke beard oil (with vanilla extract and fossilized amber and Peru balsam essential oils) in an amber glass bottle and deep cerulean blue label.

Pipe Smoke Beard Oil

Forest and Pipe Smoke beard oils on the shop shelf.
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Beard Oil Duo

$48.00 $54.00
Forest beard oil (with black spruce essential oil and organic oakmoss absolute) in an amber glass dropper bottle and deep cerulean blue label.

Forest Beard Oil


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