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Here are some answers to our frequently asked questions.

Shop & Lab

Where can I try/smell your products?

We invite you to come visit the shop in Boise!

If you're not a local, we suggest you buy a perfume or aromatherapy discovery set online to try the blends. We do offer single vials, but the sets are more economical and allow you to try a multitude of scents. They also come with a 20% voucher towards a 0.33 / 10ml bottle.

What are your shop hours?

Our little brick-and-mortar shop at 2711 W. State Street in Boise is now open. For current days/times, check out our Contact page. If those days/times don't work for you, please text us at 208-515-6669 to set up an appointment.

Our online shop is open 24/7. Please text us at the above number or email us at hello@pressandstill.com if you have any questions about our products or the shopping experience.

Shipping & Returns

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Yes. We also ship to Canada, Australia, the UK and Ireland, via USPS.

Do you offer local delivery?

Not at the moment. But if you're in a rush and don't have time to shop in person, please text at 208-515-6669 and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Can I shop online and pick up in person?

Yes! Make sure to use the "LOCAL" code at checkout to waive the shipping fees. If you're unable to pick up during regular store hours, please text us at 208-515-6669 to make other arrangements.

When will my order ship?

Unless otherwise noted, we'll fulfill and ship within 1-2 business days of receiving your order and notify you with the tracking info.

What if there is a problem with my order?

If your order arrives damaged or the wrong item was shipped, please email hello@pressandstill.com within 48 hours of receipt. Make sure to retain all items and packaging.

Please report lost or missing orders to USPS.

Can I return or exchange my order?

Jewelry and other accessories:

Returns and exchanges are circumstantial, at our discretion; please email hello@pressandstill.com within 7 days of receipt to request a return or exchange on unused merchandise.

Press & Still teas, perfumes, aromatherapy blends and bodycare:

For health and safety reasons, we don't accept returns or exchanges on Press & Still products. However, if you're unhappy with your purchase, please contact us immediately.

Why can’t I return Press & Still products?

While returns do make online shopping easy for consumers, they are unsustainable for small businesses like ours and unsustainable for the environment. When a personal product is returned, it can’t be re-sold and ends up in the landfill.

As a small business, our no-returns policy is what allows us to keep our costs down and provide you with a unique botanical scent experience that we hope you’ll love.

Product: General

What’s the difference between the aromatherapy blends and the perfumes?

Aromatherapy blends:

  • Have been formulated to affect mood and emotions (but some smell good enough to be perfumes).
  • Are simpler than the perfumes, containing 5-7 different essential oils.
  • Contain 4-5% essential oils and extracts (depending on the blend). This is higher than the average aromatherapy application, but we’ve boosted scent according to customer expectations.
  • Last approximately 1 hour on the skin.
  • Are meant to be reapplied as needed.


Perfume blends:

  • Have been formulated to perfume (but may also elevate your mood). Since we scent using aromatherapy-grade essential oils, extracts and organic absolutes, you also receive aromatherapy benefits when using the perfumes.
  • Are more complex than the aromatherapy blends, containing between 10 and 20 ingredients.
  • Contain 12-30% essential oils, extracts and absolutes (depending on the notes).
  • Last 2-5 hours on the skin (see below for more information).
  • Are meant to be reapplied throughout the day.

Where do I apply my aromatherapy and perfume oils?

We suggest rolling both products on pulse points, which are:

  • Behind ears
  • Along collar bones
  • On chest
  • Inside elbows
  • Inside wrists
  • Behind knees

You can also apply the aromatherapy blends to temples.

Hair holds perfume oil extremely well. Try dispensing on your inner wrists/palms and applying to the bottom half of your strands.

How long can I expect the perfumes to last on my skin?

This depends on many factors, such as:

  • The notes in the blend (a perfume with more woodsy, resinous base notes will last longer than a lighter blend with more citrusy top notes).
  • The amount you apply.
  • The thickness and oiliness of your skin (thicker, oilier skin tends to hold scent longer than thin, dry skin).
  • Your climate (my perfume seems to last longer when I’m on the coast versus when I’m at home in the high desert).
  • The age of your product. Our perfumes and aromatherapy oils will last a year or more, but we suggest using them up within 6 months, as fresher blends tend to last longer on the skin. Aged blends smell amazing but they do lose their potency over time.


We formulate all the blends to have consistently timed dry-downs, but several factors, including body chemistry, play a role in the blends’ longevity. Try to use up your blend within 6 months of receiving, and moisturize (i.e. with unscented lotion or oil) before applying perfume to help anchor the scent.

Botanical perfumes are fleeting by nature. They don’t contain the chemical fragrance extenders found in synthetic perfumes. We see this as a benefit and find reapplying natural perfumes throughout the day a lovely ritual.

Why isn’t the natural roll-on perfume as strong as my department store/spray perfume?

Natural botanical perfumes are beautifully complex but more subtle than synthetic perfumes.

Also, roll-on perfumes with an oil or jojoba base (such as ours) have a lower sillage (scent trail) than spray perfumes. They simply don’t emanate as far from the body as sprays do, and the jojoba tends to anchor or weigh down the top notes. Although we compensate with a higher percentage of top notes, the fact remains that these types of perfumes are more personal, in that they are detectable to only you and those you invite into your personal space.

We love perfumer Sophie Labbé’s explanation: "A quiet sillage is a fragrance for yourself, for your well-being. It's not to make people approach; it's just for you." For this reason, natural perfume roll-ons are perfect for the office environment, or anywhere synthetic fragrances are unwelcome.

How long will a bottle last?

This depends on how often you apply. A 0.33 oz/10 ml bottle could last from 3 months to a year or more.

We’re currently experimenting with organic grape alcohol spray perfumes and are finding that we’re going through the sprays much more quickly than the roll-ons. So, we think it’s safe to say that our roll-ons are going to last longer than a spray perfume of the same size.

By the way, please email us at hello@pressandstill.com if you are interested in botanical alcohol spray perfumes.

What is the shelf life the products?

Aromatherapy and perfumes:

We suggest using the products within 6 months to a year for maximum freshness, scent strength and aromatherapy benefits. Older blends don’t go bad, but they do lose their potency and benefits over time.

Teas and bath soaks:

We suggest using up within 6 months to a year for maximum freshness and benefits.

How should I store my perfumes and aromatherapy blends?

Essential oils and extracts are heat and light sensitive, which is one of the reasons we package our products in dark amber glass bottles. We don’t recommend that you keep your blends in the fridge, because the jojoba base, which is similar to wax, will solidify and render your roll-ons unusable for a while. But you can extend their life by keeping them out of bathroom and away from direct heat and light.

Fun fact: rose oil is best stored below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Before we had a temperature-controlled lab, we stored our essential oils in a wine fridge. This isn’t feasible for most people, but you can certainly do your botanical perfumes and aromatherapy blends a favor by keeping them out of the heat.

Can I travel with the roll-ons? Is the roller bottle leak proof?

The 0.33 oz/10 ml glass bottles are safe and small enough to travel in your carry-on luggage (following TSA procedures). The roll-ons are not leak proof, but we rigorously tested many roller bottles over the course of a year and found that most bottles didn’t leak. Those that did had flown, so we think that pressure may have been the cause. We highly recommend storing your roll-ons in a plastic bag for air travel.

I’d like a signature scent. Any tips for selecting one?

Yes! Stay tuned for our perfume quiz to help determine which of our blends is right for you, based on your scent preferences. In the meantime, you can email us at hello@pressandstill.com for guidance.

We've also added "Ingredient" and "Scent Profile" filters to the product pages, to help with your selection.

Do you make custom scents?

We don’t currently offer custom blending. However, we’re open to exploring this option. Given our process and expenses, we expect it would be a 6-week process for which we’d charge a minimum of $350. Please email hello@pressandstill.com if you are interested.

Do you host perfume making parties/workshops?

We don’t currently offer perfume making parties or workshops, but we’ve received many requests. It’s under consideration. Please email us at hello@pressandstill.com if you are interested.

Will the oil blends stain my clothes

The jojoba carrier oil should not stain; however, a few of the darker colored essential oils and extracts may stain. If you get a light-colored blend on your clothes, it should come out in the laundry with hot water and a natural detergent like Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds. Synthetics should be pre-treated.

Product: Ingredients

Are your products organic?

Mostly. We use organic or wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible and estimate that our aromatherapy blends are 97.5% organic. The perfume blends range from 76.5% to 92.5% organic. The teas are 100% organic. All ingredients are from sustainable sources.

Sourcing all-organic essential oils and extracts can be difficult due to cost, availability and quality. For example, if an organic rose otto is $860 per ounce, its conventional counterpart is more likely to be $530 per ounce. In this case, we would opt for the conventional in order to keep the final product from being cost-prohibitive for us, the maker, and for you, our botanical perfume-loving friends. (Incidentally, synthetic rose fragrance oil is about $12 per ounce, so this comparison gives you a fairly good idea of why artisanal botanical perfumes carry a higher price tag than synthetic fragrances.)

Where we do splurge is with our absolutes, which are extracted using a hexane-free solvent and are certified organic. From an aromatherapy standpoint, we would never use an absolute extracted using hexane, so we chose early on to follow those same principles with our perfumes. This may limit our palette slightly, but we feel the purity is in line with our belief in using only naturally derived ingredients (hence our name, “Press & Still”).

Lastly, if an organic essential oil is out of stock or inferior in scent quality, we'll reach for a wildcrafted alternative, and then for conventional. Ultimately, very few oils and extracts in our current collection are grown conventionally. Please email us for specifics at hello@pressandstill.com.

Do you list all your ingredients on your labels?

Almost! In some cases, we were unable to fit all the essential oils, extracts and organic, hexane-free absolutes on our labels, but you can find full ingredient lists in the product listings on our website.

Labeling laws require cosmetic manufacturers to list all ingredients except for those that make up less than one percent of the product. Also, we’re allowed to list our proprietary scent as “fragrance.” We think that’s boring and makes it hard for you to make an informed buying decision. The proportions are a secret, of course, but we are transparent about the ingredient names.

Are your products tested on animals?

Strictly speaking, yes... on friends and family.

Where do you get your essential oils?

That, my friends, is a secret. We’ve invested much time and money sourcing and testing the very best varieties we can. For that reason, we keep our sources to ourselves. But we are happy to share varietal and geographic information with you. Email us at hello@pressandstill.com for more information.

Product: Safety

Are your perfumes chemical free and non-toxic?

Our perfumes are made solely of essential oils, plant extracts, hexane-free organic absolutes, carrier oil and vitamin E. They are not chemical free, but they are safe.

The essential oils themselves have many chemical compounds. That said we do not use diluents, extenders or adulterated oils.

Compounds like limonene and linalool, which occur naturally in essential oils, have been called out as chemical ingredients with toxic effects. Any ingredient used in the wrong amount can become toxic. We thoroughly research every variety of essential oil (and its chemical constituents) going into our products and make sure we blend below the maximum dermal limit for each of these constituents.

We believe commercial fragrance additives like parabens and phthalates have no place in botanical perfumes and we don't use them.

We also don't use nature-identical fragrances, opting instead for the complexity and beauty of real plants.

I’m pregnant/nursing. Are your products safe for me and my baby?

In general, we don't recommend essential oil application for pregnant or nursing mothers. While many of the aromatherapy blends may be safe for use during pregnancy/nursing, there are a couple of oils that are contraindicated for pregnant/nursing mamas:

  • Patchouli is contraindicated for nursing mamas.
  • Cinnamon bark is contraindicated in pregnancy.


Also, lobelia (contained in the Relax tea blend) is contraindicated for pregnant women.

Please check the safe usage guidelines listed in each product description and consult with your healthcare practitioner before using essential oils and teas while pregnant or nursing.

I’m allergic to most perfumes. Will I react to Press & Still perfumes?

It’s entirely possible to have an allergic reaction or sensitivity to natural perfumes. While we blend safely using fresh ingredients, you may experience a reaction to the essential oils. For example, people with ragweed allergies may react to essential oils like chamomile and yarrow (the first of which is contained in our aromatherapy blend Sleep).

If at all concerned, try ordering a vial (or discovery set) to do patch tests, and discontinue use if irritation occurs. Please email us at hello@pressandstill.com if you’d like more information.


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