Hammered brass hairpin by Desert Moon Jewelry.

Brass Hair Pins by Desert Moon

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Aluminum-colored hand-waxed cotton market tote with inside pocket, French seams and veg-tan leather handles.
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The Fae bucket tote by J Paige & Co. This one's cocoa-colored leather (unlined), shown against a light grey background.
Sold out
The super-soft black pebble leather Tre clutch by Shana Luther. This one shows a monogrammed key patch, which is not available with this item.

Tre Clutch by Shana Luther

The sleek, minimal yet oh-so-functional Maxi wallet by Shana Luther. Made with vegetable-tanned leather and solid brass stud hardward. Shown here in black (left) and oak (right).

Maxi Wallet by Shana Luther

The buttery-soft black pebble leather June tote by Shana Luther. This is the front view, showing the attached coin fob that's perfect for holding keys or your metro pass.

June Tote by Shana Luther

JOYN Bags' Everyday Tote in light Fog leather. Sustainably made with full-grain remnant leather. Shown against a white backdrop.

Everyday Tote by JOYN Bags


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