The Wait for More is Over

All-new aromatherapy collection featured on slate background.

After toiling in the lab for the better part of two years, we’re pleased to share six new perfumes, as well as an entirely new aromatherapy blend collection.

As with our first perfume, Despair is Folly, the new fragrances are all natural, composed of essential oils and extracts in a base of organic golden jojoba and a touch of vitamin e to preserve. Expect them to last approximately two hours on the skin, and enjoy re-application throughout the day.

The aromatherapy line is a collection of pared-down scents that are intended to uplift, balance, refresh, relax, comfort and inspire. These blends (also available in a roll-on bottle) contain a lower concentration of essential oils and extracts than the perfumes, and may last on the skin for an hour. As with the perfumes, re-apply as often as you like.

We highly recommend trying out (and gifting!) the minis. Vials can be purchased as singles from each product page or as a gift/experience set. The sets come with a 20% voucher towards a full-size 10ml bottle of your choosing.

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