A Uniquely Formulated Night Oil That Smooths Skin & Helps You Relax

Last Light is an exquisitely scented evening face oil with 20 botanical extracts and bioactives that relax the mind and refine the skin.

Feel and look refreshed with this high-performance double-duty moisturizer that enhances sleep and promotes healthy-looking, radiant skin.

Improve the Look & Feel of Your Skin

Bakuchiol is a gentle, natural retinol alternative that has protective, anti-inflammatory, and restorative anti-aging effects.

We pair it with encapsulated retinol, which boosts the effectiveness of the bakuchiol. Encapsulated retinol penetrates skin more deeply, ensuring that a little goes a long way.

Relax, Fall Asleep & Get Better Rest

Valerian root, hops, and St. John’s Wort are herbs that work together synergistically to combat insomnia.

Last Light face oil incorporates these essential oils, plus lavender, jasmine, ylang ylang, and sandalwood, to help lower your stress before bedtime and deepen your sleep.


The P.M. Regimen

To truly wind down, deepen your sleep, and improve your skin's texture, try the Last Light trio.

Last Light Relaxing Night Mist:
Hydrating floral waters of lavender, chamomile and linden blossom tone skin and help deepen relaxation.

Last Light Night Essence:
Lightweight serum (made with aloe, floral waters, nutritive plant extracts and probiotics) helps skin retain moisture, lightens dark spots and promotes collagen and elastin production (which helps with fine lines).

Last Light Renewing Night Oil:
Luxe plant oils seal in hydration while retinol, bakuchiol, and other plant extracts smooth skin, and valerian root relaxes.

An Aromatherapy Skincare System That Smells as Good as It Works

We believe that skincare should smell good, if not amazing.

By balancing effectiveness with scent quality, we’ve created skincare products that feel luxurious on the skin, help reduce fine lines, calm the mind before bed, and smell divine.

Last Light is the perfect end to your evening ritual.