Thank you for your interest in leasing 2709 W. State St., Boise, ID, 83702.

Please read through to the end. If, after reading, you’re still interested in the space and believe it’s the right fit for your business, feel free to call Elise at 208-353-0033 and leave a message.


Thank you.


Suite 2709 DETAILS:

  • ~270 sq ft showroom/office
  • Walk-in closet
  • ADA-compliant bathroom – shared with 2711 tenant/landlord
  • Interior door between suites that locks from 2711
  • White walls, concrete floors, neat as a pin
  • State St. frontage with two parking spots
  • $1180/month, gross (heat, A/C, power, water, sewer, slow wifi included; garbage/recycling extra)
  • No TIs
  • 1 year term

This space could be a great fit for you if:

  • You’re an office professional who wants a West End/North End location in which to work and hold client meetings
  • Are okay with potentially sharing a restroom with 2711
  • Love the current aesthetics of the building
  • Don’t rely on foot traffic for your business

This space is not a great fit for you if:

  • You’re a fledgling retail business
  • Your business relies on foot traffic
  • You require any amenities other than what’s listed above
  • You don’t love the current aesthetics of the building, as we don’t intend to paint or change the flooring

This space is completely unavailable to you if:

  • You’re an esthetician or hairstylist/barber



Thanks for reading!

If you feel you’re a good fit for this space, call Elise at 208-353-0033 with the following message:

  • Leave your name and phone number
  • Mention your business name, your website and social handles
  • Say whether you have read the posting on the website

If you don’t mention that you’ve read the posting, we may not return your call.



Front window and door. View from interior door that separates 2709 from 2711.

View from interior door that separates 2709 from 2711.
View from front door.
Walk-in closet.