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First Press for Press & Still

We were thrilled when Lex Nelson from the Boise Weekly approached us about doing an article. What am I doing with the mini-funnels in this photo? I’m using them as a type of perfume cloche by placing a scented tissue in the stem of the funnel, which then captures the scent and allows me to smell the perfume in a fairly concentrated form over time without it dissipating into the air.

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The Wait for More is Over

After toiling in the lab for the better part of two years, we’re pleased to share six new perfumes, as well as an entirely new aromatherapy blend collection. Both collections are all natural, composed of essential oils and extracts in a base of organic golden jojoba and a touch of vitamin e to preserve. We highly recommend trying out (and gifting!) the minis. Vials can be purchased as singles from each product page or as a gift/experience set. 

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